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I purchased a flower and gift shop a month ago and Jason set me up with a credit card machine that he promised a five year old could run…and he was being 100% honest!! My daughter and I opened up our shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year, and we were working the heck out of that credit card machine! I never even had a chance to show my daughter how to use the machine, but she figured it out while running her first customer’s credit card through! Thanks, Jason, for a great machine and great technical support also!

ChristiOwner, Brier Rose Boutique

Dan – First let me say I remain delighted with my decision to change to using your firm for my business. Totally love the Nurit 8000, too. Thx for all your suggestions and ideas when I called shopping for new equipment – at that time I had no intention of changing services, I simply ‘thought’ I wanted new equipment.

I have recently changed to a new bank and want to move my bankcard merchant account. Please advise what the correct steps are to have this accomplished.

Thanks again for all your good advice, I continue to ‘spread the word’ re your service and equipment. Please send more business cards and promo material, I now have only my one business card remaining.


I talked to several other companies when I was looking to accept credit cards and Card Payment Solutions were the most knowledgeable of what my needs were. They were not rude or pushy and took care of my needs promptly.

SusanThe Cutting Edge


Card Payment Solutions has exceeded my expectations in customer service, which makes it stand apart from all other merchant account companies. I have been pleased with the personal service you have provided me over the years and will look no further when I am ready to establish my next business.

Ming ChanWeb Retailer

Merchant Maverick review of CPS

By Amad Ebrahimi
Please note that we have no affiliation with the other Cardpayment Solutions located in Santa Barbara California.

When doing my research on Card Payment Solutions (CPS), I found some conflicting information. On the one hand, it looked like CPS is a great company, but once I started doing a search for complaints, I found quite a few (see below). But, as I kept digging, I noticed something that I haven’t encountered before. There are actually two different entities, located in two different states with the same name.

The Card Payment Solutions (www.cardpaymentsolutions.com) that is the focus of this review is headquartered in Madison, Indiana. The other Card Payment Solutions (www.csiprocessing.com) is located in Santa Barbara, California.

Interestingly enough, most all of the complaints posted online are for the California based company, which brings up a good point. Had I not read all of those complaints, I wouldn’t have noticed that they were not for the Indiana company, and I probably would’ve given them a bad review. Even worse, if I was a potential prospect, I wouldn’t give them a second thought. I’d move on to another merchant service provider.

With that said, I think the Indiana based company is actually very reputable. They’ve been in business for over a decade, they have a great score on the BBB with only a few complaints, and if you throw away all the negative reviews for the California based company, you’re left with only 1 for the Indiana based company.

I’d definitely like to see them update their testimonials section, and adding a Twitter and Facebook account will give them the opportunity to clear the misunderstanding that they’re obviously not paying much attention to right now. I’m gonna give CPS (Indiana) a 4 out of 5 for now.