Benefits of Accepting Plastic Keeping your business in the black is our top priority. Every type of business benefits financially by accepting credit cards. With more than 500 million credit cards in use domestically, US charges recorded for 1999 alone reached $1.1 trillion!

Accepting credit cards can increase sales by as much as 40%. Don’t lose out on these customers! Accept credit cards and improve your bottom line.

  • More Sales: Studies show that credit card customers spend 2 1/2 times more than customers who only carry cash.
  • Impulse Buying: Credit cards give customers freedom to spend for previously unplanned purchases.
  • More Expensive Merchandise: Credit cards entice customers to purchase more expensive merchandise than they had originally planned to buy.
  • Competitive Weapon: Credit card customers are often less conscious of slight price differences and will seek out businesses that offer credit card payment options.
  • Enhanced Advertising: Since customers are more likely to shop at businesses where they have credit card acceptance, they tend to look for and read those ads first.
  • Steadier Sales: Credit smoothes out business peaks. Cash shoppers buy heavier on paydays and just before holidays; credit card customers buy whenever the need arises.
  • Customer Loyalty: Research shows customers who spend more on credit tend to return to the same business again.